I Cannot Tell A Lie (to my tracker)

So today is day two of the 90-day Planner Fitness Experiment.


Yesterday in the blog I gave an overall of the project and my goals.


Last night, I used our "Goals" page to set up goals for November.  Jody is the designer on our team, and I am pretty sure I used the goals page in a way she had not intended, but what the hay, isn't that what's great about the planner world?  We all modify and adapt systems to our needs.


Here's my goals page:



Pretty, huh?  The reason I say I didn't use this as intended is that Jody set the page up to be a linear path to the goal.  I instead filled each block with things I need to do to be successful for the month, with the goal of checking everything off by the end of the month, but in any order I achieve the small blocks.  AND... there are several entries that hit to my weak spots... such as drinking 64 ounces of water!!!  (WHY is that so hard???)


I'm pretty excited, and I love having small daily goals that add up to my four-week (one month's) goals.


I also started tracking my food (using our food log) both yesterday and today.  And this is the interesting thing about both tracking and sharing my progress on a blog.... it really makes me think about my choices.


Two examples:  Last night, we rushed off to church because Adam and I both had to be at worship practice.  We didn't have time to eat at home -- that is always a HUGE mistake when you are trying to keep to a healthy eating plan.  By the end of service, I was hungry enough to eat...well, a lot of things, including but not limited to tacos, candy, cheetoh puffs, pizza... you get the idea.  Adam was also ravenous and decided to run through McDonald's.


On the way there, I started justifying McD's.... I happen to know that a McDonald's cheeseburger is 8 weight watchers points, which is a perfectly acceptable dinner.  (And WHY do we women know those things the same way we know our state's capital or 2 times 3?  I was telling this story to Pat, a lovely co-worker of mine, and when I got to the "eight Weight Watchers points", she exclaimed, "That's right! It IS eight!") 


Anyway, we were IN LINE and Adam turned to me and asked what I wanted.  I took a breath and said.... "Nothing, I'll eat when I get home."  Why?  Because I knew I was going to have to 1) write it in my tracker and 2) share it on my blog, and I could not live up to such a bad choice ON THE FIRST NIGHT OF THE EXPERIMENT.


So instead, I get to show you this:




Nice, right?  I know!!!!


Then, today, I was sitting and waiting for my meeting with the mayor to start (doesn't that make me sound cool?) and his administrative assistant had TONS of Halloween candy on her table.  I reflexively started reaching for it, but then.... this blog and my food log flashed in front of my eyes.  I pulled my hand back and instead went back to my office and heated up my healthy lunch.  So now I get to show you this:



Ha haaaa!!!! But I'm not quite as proud of this one because, well, the no water and no exercise part.  And you are probably thinking, "Come one, you must have had at least SOME water."  Nope.  Not one drop, unless you count the water I used to brew my coffee or the water that is the base for diet rootbeer.  I KNOW! ....sooooo bad.  I'll get there.  I'm absolutely not going to try to make up for it tonight, though, because last night I was drinking water until 10pm to try to hit 64 ounces (made it to six glasses), and for the first time since I was pregnant 16 years ago, I had to get up at 3AM to go to the bathroom.  Um.. no thanks. 


And, I am giving myself a pass on the exercise because I have a sinus infection and feel exhausted and miserable.  I KNOW!  But come on, I'm on antibiotics and everything!


Who am I kidding... if I had all this stuff down, I wouldn't need the experiment, right?


If you have made it to the end of this LBS (our family code for Long Boring Story), I have a small request.  I am headed to sunny Las Vegas tomorrow.... please say a little prayer for me and send good thoughts.  If I can make it through the weekend with good choices, I just might have the confidence to see it through.   Jody and Fred will be with me, so hopefully they can help me stay on the straight and narrow.


Thanks for stopping by the blog -- have you figured out what goals you want to reach this month?  If you have, give me a shout out so I can send some encouragement your way!!



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