Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It....

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Hello, friends!!


My last successful blog (and by that I mean, a blog that had a start, middle and end and that I did not lose interest in and stop doing three weeks in) was the blog I did as I prepared to ride my bike from Anacorters, WA to Astoria, OR back in 2013.


Not only was I proud of myself for actually keeping up with the updates and writing, but blogging was also a huge driver in being able to reach my riding goal and keeping myself motivated.


Since then I have had several fits and starts, all of which have ended in failure and oblivion.


But... I am ready to get back in the author saddle and try this blogging thing again.  It makes sense to me to blog about another project that has a start, a middle and an end, and also to have clear goals I want to accomplish. And it just so happens I have a particular project in mind!


THE BACKGROUND: Last year I started, along with three partners, a new business based on a customizable planner.  More on that in a minute.  I also, this year I had ankle replacement surgery to fix a congenital problem and correct prior surgery.  The pain leading up to the surgery made it hard to walk, let alone work out, and the recovery from the surgery has been much longer than anticipated. Result?  Weight gain. Fatigue.  Sluggishness. Embarrassment.  Frustration.  Despair.


And I am not exaggerating.


Here's a picture of me before:



And here's a more recent shot:





Yikes, right? Where did my eyes go????  And are my glasses resting on my chubby cheeks?


So, we see the problem here.  Now that I am slowly getting back to moving more, I need to get in the habit of being active again, and I need to rein in the eating -- I mean, REALLY rein it in.


THE CHALLENGE: I already use my planner for my schedule and for notes.  Now I want to see if I can actually use it to reach a goal that's tough for me -- losing weight and eating healthily ... is healthily a word?  Somehow the older I get, the more words I seem to make up.


So the plan is to use the inserts we have already designed --- the calendars, but also things like our food log, goals pages, habit trackers, fitness logs -- and see if I can be consistent and mindful about the choices and activities I do each day.  Then, I want to find out how the journaling, planning and logging affect me and help me to reach my goals.


THE TIMELINE:  I have created a four-week, eight-week and twelve-week set of overall goals, so the challenge is for 90 days.  Here are those goals:


After 4 Weeks (or November 30th)


  1. 8-12 pound loss
  2. Walking "normally" (limp gone)
  3. Core exercises 20+ days
  4. Pre-surgery clothes comfortable

After 8 Weeks (Or December 31st)

  1. 8-10 pound loss
  2. Able to wear boots
  3. Off all pain meds
  4. Energy throughout afternoon (not sleepy)
  5. Able to walk up the four flights of stairs at work


After 12 Weeks (Or January 31st)


  1. 6-8 pound loss
  2. On a regular sleep schedule
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Need some new clothes!


And here are some of the inserts I am going to use to keep on track:










My business partners and I have been "selling" the idea that writing things down, journaling and planning are all keys to achieving our goals and living a rich, full life.  I'm going to take one area and be very transparent in testing what we tell our customers, friends and family.


(How hard could it be, right?)


So, this should be an adventure.  By the way, I would love it if you would come up with your own project or goal and share the journey with me.... what do you think??


Thanks for stopping by the blog, and stay tuned!





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