Our Kickstarter Launched!

Posted by Jennifer Lasik on

I am a bundle of nerves right now -- filled to the brim with excitement, anticipation, fear, passion, worry, optimism -- all of it, good and bad.

At exactly midnight (last night or this morning, depending on how you look at it) we launched our Kickstarter Campaign -- whew.  We have 30 days to make our case to our family, friends, fans and the WORLD that this is THE best planner ever designed and introduced.

And it is.  The concept is so fantastic -- something everyone can use, enjoy, benefit from and love... a planner totally customized to each life -- and a company that is only going to more innovative, more creative, more helpful and more inspiring as it grows.

If you haven't already, PLEASE join us and be a part of it.  You can back the project for as little as $5, and there are all kinds of rewards, including being among the first to own the new, fully designed and artistic version, accessories, tote bags -- there are even cool reward packs for those of you who already have the betas!

A huge THANK YOU -- we have gotten so much support, encouragement, feedback and energy from everyone around us and those of you who share our love for setting and reaching goals and living a rich, full life.

Here's the link to the kickstarter page -- take a look around.  (And PS... I made the video using software I downloaded -- it's amazing what you are willing to learn when you're passionate about something.)  Kickstarter Campaign

Let's do this!!!!!!!

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