Resolution Reflections

Oh, man... I love resolutions.  My family makes fun of how I start writing them in October, buying a brand new journal to track my progress and reflect my thoughts throughout the year.  New Year's is my favorite holiday -- I love a fresh start.

This year I was almost done with my hearty list when I read an article by RL Adams entitled "How to Discipline Yourself with 10 Habits".  (

So impressed was I with the list, which included body (eating healthy, exercise), mind (active goal-setting, persistence) and spirit (forgiveness, meditation) that I redid my goals and benchmarks according to Adams' list.

This year, because our dream project is a reality, I have lots of tools to help me reach all my goals.  My monthly and weekly calendars will keep me organized and on target.  I have the cycling and fitness logs to monitor my activity, weekly habit trackers to mark my progress, to-do and errand lists to manage my time, and lots of creative and professional inserts to make the most of each day.

I recently commented to a friend that in one year's time -- at the end of 2017 -- I want to look back at a year of unprecedented growth and accomplishment -- truly beyond what I dreamed was possible.  I want this.  I WANT THIS.  And I'm thrilled that my team and I have created a tool to help not only me but to help all of you do exactly what you need and want to do.

Your life, your way, every day.


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