The Written Word

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Conventional wisdom in law enforcement is, "If you didn't write it down, it didn't happen." How true is that even in life? Many of us memorialize in order to retain the flavor and intimacy of an experience. And where do we save or record those words? How easy is it to access, say, June 5, 1994, if there is special significance of that day? If it is a day we look back upon with a smile, a laugh or reflection?

It could be a question of sentimentality, saving pieces of our lives...for?

Have you ever wondered about words that you have written to others that have been saved in boxes, drawers or special hideaways? I remember pulling a poetry book off my mother's book case. She was 91 at the time. Inside I found a postcard from a friend of hers. I handed it to Mom. She gave a huge smile and lingered with it in silence for the longest and then told me a story about her friend.

Special moments brought about by words written on a piece of cardboard fifteen years earlier, then a story ten years later. Mom died seven years ago, and I recall her smile and story ...a thirty-two year history shared between us, and now with you.

Keep memorializing.


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