Our Team

Jennifer Lasik, our founder, is a city cultural arts director who seeks to make a difference every day. She is a proud water polo mom, budding cellist and cycling enthusiast. She desires to achieve balance in her life while cramming 36 hours of activity into every 24 hour day.  

Fred Roe has retired from the Los Angeles Department of Corrections after many years as a probation officer.  His supervisor nicknamed him the “Custodian of Records” for his habit of keeping personal and professional documentation, including an impressive collection of journal entries, receipts and Beatles memorabilia.  

fred headshot.jpg

Jody Lopez is a self-described “planner nerd” who created an epic D-I-Y organizational system with mind-blowing detail and functionality . Hyper-organized, Jody serves as the team’s guru of templates and design. (We are amazed by Jody. And a little afraid of her.)

 Rebecca Kettler is one of those rare right-brain/left-brain individuals who happens to be an engineer and math teacher AND a creative word-smith.  She also struggles with all things organizational and feels that somewhere between herself and Jody is an organizationally-balanced person.