Grace Expressed: April Devotional

I love it when Easter falls late in the year.  With Wisconsin weather, the later it falls, the more likely the weather will be pleasant and conducive to springy church outfits, Easter egg hunts, family pictures outdoors, and well, all the things.  Forecast says 60 degrees – that will be amazing.

Wherever it falls, it is a time of renewal, a time to remember how much we are loved and that Jesus lived, brought His message of truth and hope, then suffered and died as a sacrifice for us.  Wow, wow, wow, who are we that God is so mindful of us??? (Psalm 8:4)

In Luke 12:27, Jesus uses the example of the wild flowers that grow to remind us that the Father loves us and will always take care of our needs.  “Consider the lilies of the field,” he says.  All of the robes of Solomon were not as majestically arrayed as the field flowers that God clothed in beauty.  If God clothed them so carefully, the Savior asks, will He not take care of us and meet our needs?

It’s comforting to know our God not only loves us, but is mindful of us down to the smallest detail.  We can walk with our heads up high, basking in his unmatched love, covered by His abiding grace.

The journaling scripture for this month’s box is Luke 12:27, and of course, I couldn’t resist using lots of florals, because, Spring.  If you want to do April’s project, instructions and pictures follow.  Otherwise, there are plenty of fun items in the box for a variety of journaling projects.

Have a blessed Easter week, and a wonderful Spring.




April Faith Journaling Activity


Try your hand at creating the journaling page below, using Luke 12:27 for reference. If you’ve already journaled that verse, feel free to use the materials and ideas to journal any other scriptures that speak to you.



This month we’re going to create a faux decoupage.  In your box you will find various floral cut-outs.  I included a more pastel one, like the one I used above, as well as vibrant one so that you can pick whatever matches your style best.  Here are the steps.  (Tip: Read step number 4 before you start.)

  1. Take the biggest floral (from either set) and play with it on the page until you come up with a layout you like. I obviously used a “backwards L”, cutting the height down a little so that the bird didn’t cover verse 27.  If you need a forward L or another shape (like just a column if you don’t like covering up the words on the page), go ahead and trim or separate any pieces so you can rearrange them the way you want.



  1. Use a tape or glue runner to adhere the florals to the page once you have them the way you want them. (I left a small border of page beyond the florals – some people like to go right up to the edge.)


  1. You can add some smaller pieces of the florals to extend or add more decoration to the page. I used the floral piece with the black background at the top of my page to give some contrast.  Notice that it also ended up underlining the verse.  Happy coincidence!


  1. Okay, this is where I may be stretching your comfort level. I put my lettering right over the words on the page.  I know some people really don’t like to do that.  If you are uncomfortable with it, just make sure you rearrange your florals to leave margin space, or space at the top or bottom.  You can also alternately put your lettering over the florals.  I used black letters and laid out the main words I wanted – in this case “consider”, “lilies” and “field”.


Then I went back and added the smaller words (“the, “of the”) in my own hand writing.  I could have used a smaller font sticker, or a different color letter sticker, but I always like to have a little of my own handwriting in my journaling.  I imagine my daughter or future grandchildren going through this Bible someday, and I’m guessing they will be as sentimental about my handwriting as I am about my mom and grandmother’s.


  1. Once I had the main lettering laid out, I added “He cares for me” in smaller, gold letters and then put the verse and date at the top of the page. Again, sometimes I use a date stamp and verse stickers, but I whimsically decided to write them out this time.  But you do you!!!  Make it your own, however you love your page to look. (Hint: if you want to really jazz your picture up, you can go true decoupage and add gold accents to your florals and page with a paint marker.  I tend to go overboard once I start, so I chose to leave the page “clean”.)

Here’s the final picture again:

Hope you have fun with this.  It was an intentionally easy (but colorful!) page.  I don’t know if everyone else is as busy at Easter as I am, but with the choir, and the special service, and the family gathering and the eggs, well, you get the idea.  I wanted to give you something this month that would allow you to take a breath and unplug, but not be too consuming.

One last comment:  Thank you to all of you for the kind words and prayers after my February car accident. Many of you know I suffered a fracture knee, tibia and heel as well as a partially collapsed lung and bruised ribs.  I’m happy to say that I am now (finally) walking with a boot and crutches and hope to be transition to a shoe in the next two weeks.  My lung is so much better, and the ribs are less tender, too.  I am definitely on my way to a full recovery – thank you, Jesus!  I have definitely felt the prayers and warm thoughts, and I am so grateful.

Take care,