Book a Planning Event with Jennifer!

Starfish Living offers help in organization and time management -- from coaching sessions to hands-on workshops.  Whether the audience is big or small, every attendee will participate at his or her level and take away new ideas and skills.

Title:  Planner Hack Party (Southeastern Wisconsin only)

Recommended number of attendees: 6-12

Perfect for: A girl’s night out, group of friends who love planners, book club or small group activity

Description:  Starfish Living staff will come to your home or a comparable venue (such as a coffee shop or community room) and guide attendees through 2-3 hours of time management strategies, planner “hacks”, organization tricks and more.  The sessions are fun and interactive where participants can try out different organizing techniques by doing them. Starfish Living will supply samples and supplies for the activities.

“Add-on” options:

  • “SWAG” bag of samples and supplies for attendees to take home
  • Pop-up shop where attendees can purchase and take home planners, accessories and supplies -- host earns gift cards for merchandise with all sales!

Pricing: Starts at $25/per person for the session.  Email us for details and a quote!

Title:  Organization and time management coaching session for middle school and/or high school kids

Recommended number of attendees: 6-15

Perfect for: Home school associations, middle and high school career planning, study skills or life skill courses, youth groups, junior achievement, scouts, etc.

Description:  Starfish Living has developed a special curriculum just for middle school and high school students that will help them organize their time as well as their homework, tasks, papers and projects.  Session is extremely hands-on and demonstrates a variety of techniques so students can experiment and determine what is the most intuitive and helpful for them. We also show lots of little “hacks” -- small changes in habits or management that add up to a much more productive and less stressful school day. Starfish provides all materials for the session.

Add-on options:

  • Planner and inserts provided for each student
  • “Swag” bag of samples and supplies for kids to take home.
  • A parent /student joint breakout session at the beginning or end of the coaching session.

Pricing: Starts at $40 per student.  Email us for details and a quote!

Title:  Planner Friends Meet-Up (Available in most US locations. Travel costs are a consideration in event fee.)

Recommended number of attendees: 30-200

Perfect for: Whole school or youth events, cities with multiple planner social groups, as a Rotary or Lion-hosted event, or in cities or towns where there is a strong planning community OR a lot of interest in planning. Also great as a fundraiser for 501c3 nonprofits.

Description:  Attendees come to 4-8 hour open house style event to work in their planners together, share ideas and techniques, swap supplies and meet other planner enthusiasts. (Host selects and reserves venue.)  Starfish Living provides a large pop-up shop and does short “planner hack” demonstration sessions throughout the event.

Add-on options:

  • Scheduled technique workshop(s) during the event
  • Host-run concessions, raffles, information booths (great for fundraising or audience-building)
  • Digital or physical “gallery” featuring attendees’ creations
  • Group activities and/or games

Pricing: Starts at $250/event. Email us for details and a quote!

Title:  Time Management and/or Organization Workshop (Available in most US locations)

Recommended number of attendees: 50-150 (Price per participant decreases as number of attendees increases.)

Perfect for: Professional seminars, corporate training or retreats, job training workshops, etc.

Description:  Starfish Living will teach one or more breakout sessions or workshops. Examples of Workshop Titles are:

  • “How to use a work journal to become a ROCKSTAR at your job.”
  • “Paper, piles and post-its: Conquer your clutter and free your mind.”
  • “Help!  I’m a ‘paper’ person but my workplace is completely digital -- how can I live in both worlds without losing my mind???”

We can also tailor our curriculum to your needs -- just ask!  Sessions include audio/visual presentation, demonstrations, examples and hands-on experience for participants. We will provide “shared” table supplies for attendees to use during the workshop.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Add-on options:

  • “SWAG” bag of samples and supplies for attendees to take home
  • Journaling Bible for each participant
  • Pop-up shop where attendees can purchase and take home materials -- host earns gift cards for merchandise with all sales!
  • Custom lesson plan development.

Pricing: Varies depending upon event duration, location and workshop needs.  Flat events fees OR per participant fees available. Email us for details and a quote!

Not seeing quite what you are looking for?  Let’s talk -- we can custom design an event that works for your group or organization.