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Our Starfish Living team offers a variety of events in both planning and journaling.  Personal or professional, small group or large crowd, we can teach techniques and strategies in time management, organization, faith journaling and getting the most out of your planner.

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The team:

Jennifer Lasik:  

Jennifer started her career teaching middle school and high school, specializing in history, government and college writing.  She has a Masters in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management.  She currently oversees cultural arts in the City Manager's Office of the City of Evanston.  Jennifer has taught workshops on communication, organization and time management all over the United States in cities such as Harrisburg, PA, Washington DC, El Paso, TX, Tacoma, WA and Chicago, IL.  She lives with her husband and 17-year-old daughter in idyllic Burlington, WI and serves in the music ministry at her church. She loves to cook and practice the cello.  (And in the winter, she attempts to knit anything as long as it's a rectangle.) 

Jody Lopez has a Bachelor of Science in sign language interpretation.  She and her husband Rico are youth pastors, and she is also a wishgranter for the Make a Wish Foundation.  She adores all things paper and is amazing at organizing information and schedules.  Jody is fearless -- she is a skydiver and has taken flying lessons! She dreams of getting a pilot's license.  Jody and Rico live in Burlington with their three boys, teenagers Alejandro and Isaiah and 4-yr-old Roman.

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