Grace Expressed Club Info Sheet

Starfish Living has sent faith journaling monthly boxes out to subscribers for the last 12 months, but we have taken all the feedback and brainstorming and come up with a more inclusive, supportive and fun club that still supplies boxes, but so much more. It's called the Grace Expressed Club.
The Basics of the Club: 
  • It's a subscription membership that costs $19.99 a month, plus $5.00 shipping for a total of $24.99 a month -- BUT, there are (honestly) easy ways to earn a heavily discounted or even free monthly membership.  
  • A faith-filled package is delivered to your door every month, with journaling materials, step-by-step illustrated lessons and a monthly devotion. (I have attached a PDF example of one of the letters we sent out last year to give you an idea.)
  • You get access to a community of other faith-filled friends who are also journaling.  You can share ideas, tips, encouragement and friendship.
  • As long as you have a membership, you get a 20% discount on all Starfish journaling, Bible and planner products -- ALL of them, store-wide.
  • Every quarter we do a great giveaway, with a winner chosen randomly by membership number.  Every member gets a free entry into the giveaway, with fun little (no-cost) ways to earn extra entries each month.
  • I am available to you via email, FB messenger, Instagram, or even text/phone to help you with your journaling and devotions.  Let's be friends!
  • You can sign-for Facebook journaling sessions and workshops for FREE.
  • You'll get bonus printable journaling art emailed to you!
How to earn a discounted or free box:
It's really simple, and that's intentional because I hate programs that have lots of rules, hoops to jump through, or constant action required.  
If you refer your friends to the membership, and any three of them join, you will get your membership for just $14.99 a month for as long as any three of your friends are active members.  If your friends in the club drop beneath three (if someone drops out) you will get a notice before your rate goes back to the regular monthly rate. If five of your friends join, your monthly membership is FREE for as long as they have active memberships. If your number of friends drops below five, you'll get a notice if your rate goes up to $14.99 and if your rate goes up to $24.99.  It's that easy.  You don't have to continuously "sign people up" or drive people on social media, or anything else.  As long as your friends are in, you benefit.  And you can add new friends at any time. Cool, huh?   (You can tell this was designed by someone who is busy and who loves free stuff.)
Do you have a LOT of friends?  That's great.  We are working on a commission plan that gives you money back via PayPal or Venmo if you have a large circle of friends who join the club.  It is our hope to roll that program out for January 2020.  If you have more than five friends in the club before then, you will earn money for them as soon as the program goes into effect, even if they have been in the club for a while.  Look for details about this in November.
Why this club/subbox when there are so many monthly memberships?
There are so many subscription boxes out there -- with clothes, fashion, make-up, puzzles, art supplies - you name it.  I love this club because it goes beyond providing happy mail packages every month.  It feeds encouragement, love and strategies to build your faith and your relationship with God, and provides a circle of friends from all over who will also support you, pray for you and grow in their faith along with you.  We are so bombarded these days... it's a stressful, frenetic, worrisome time to be walking the earth.  Having a reason to unplug and be creative in the Word every month is a really important thing -- this makes it easy to set the time aside AND have all the supplies you need right in one box. 
You can trust the GEC and me (Jennifer):
Starfish Living, the "mom" company to the GEC Club, has been in business since March of 2016.  We use a secure Shopify e-commerce site for our transactions and also have are a certified Amazon vendor.  Totally legit!
Our company is a women-owned, women-operated, small business registered with the State of Wisconsin. My career path has been teaching, nonprofit and volunteer management and community arts -- all of which were great preparation for what I am doing now, and I love it!  I have been involved in ministry for more than two decades, and currently actively serve in ministry as a service coordinator, a worship team member (keyboard and vocals) and a Bible study teacher in my local church. I'm also a happy mom, wife, sister, daughter, cousin and friend -- I love people!. If you want more information, just ask!  Happy to give you my academic and professional biography.  
What if I need/want to cancel?
We get it -- life is constantly changing.  And I personally hate it when it's impossible to get out of something once I'm in it.  So getting out is super easy and pressure-free.  Every month, our Shopify subscription app will charge you on the 1st of the month.  Once that membership comes out, all the membership benefits are available to you for the whole month, and your box will be sent out by the 15th.  If you need to cancel, simply cancel your subscription by the 26th of the month, and you will not be charged for the next month -- no problem.  Your benefits will continue through the end of the month.  You can also "suspend" your membership temporarily if an unexpected situation arises -- it's just as easy.  And, if some special circumstance arises or you have an unexpected hardship, don't be afraid or embarrased to email us and we can try to come up with a solution together.  
Ready to jump in?

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Hope to connect with you soon in the GEC.