Our Idea

What if there was a planner that could be customized to each individual's schedule, thoughts, activities and resources?  What if those planners were highly adaptable to our busy, changing lives, year-by-year, month-by-month and even week-by-week?  What if, by providing the right tools, we could help each person make a difference every day by helping them make the most of each day?

THAT is what Starfish Living LLC is all about. We have created just such a system, and hold the steadfast conviction that more than any other before, this planner can help you manage your time, multitask, contribute to those around you, set goals and track progress.  We can help you, whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher, a professional, an athlete, and no matter what your interests and passions.

Don't believe it?  Take a look and see -- we have the modules you need and the accessories to go with it to keep your busy life manageable.

Original Designs, Trusted Brands

Starfish Living LLC combines original planner and module designs with accessory brands you'll love.  You'll find a wide range of great calendars, journal pages, trackers, stickers, post-its and tools to make staying on top of things at the speed of life easy, fun and manageable.

Your life, your way, every day - that's Starfish Living.